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What is Followmusic?

Followmusic is a music news service, keeping you up to date on everything about the artists you like.

Create a profile, and you'll get news from the best music sites, newspapers, magazines, and blogs, all filtered to give you what's relevant. You'll also be notified as soon as a concert is announced, so you'll never miss anything.

With full integration to iTunes and Spotify we've made it easy for you to jump straight to whatever catches your attention. If you connect to Facebook, you can see if your friends are going to the same concerts.

The service is free to use, and will remain so.

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What the users say

"I was just notified of a Raveonettes concert in Copenhagen - I would have missed that one, for sure. Thank you!"
Jens, Nyborg

"After the Coldplay concert, I went to the Coldplay band page at Followmusic, and saw the reviews come in, without having to look around for them. A great service, after the concert."
Henrik, Copenhagen

"My husband got a concert notification from you, and couldn't stop talking about it - so now I've bought tickets for his birthday. Thanks for helping me :-)"
Johanne, Copenhagen

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